After many years of practicing your skills, you believe you have the tunes and the vibes to drive the crowd haywire, and you feel you’re ready to hit the big league. No matter how talented you are, every DJ needs to carefully examine their road to market. Due to the increase in digital DJ technology, there are more DJs than ever so it takes more than just a mix of good music and tunes to stand out in today’s music industry. Here are some I-s you need to dot and Ts you need to cross:

1) Catchy Name

Choosing a catchy DJ name is the first step to make when you’re just starting out as a DJ. If you’re not sure what your name should be, have a chat with your friends and get creative because your best friend may come up with the perfect name for you! While many well-known DJs go by their first and last names, other DJs prefer nicknames or names that have personal meaning to them. Once you choose a name, do a Google search to ensure that no one else has the same name. Simply because you should avoid any legal issues when you’re just starting a new career. Also, ensure your name is easy to pronounce and spell. The more complicated you make it, the more likely it is that a promoter will wrongly spell your name on a flyer or an emcee will incorrectly announce it on the mic.

2) Wavy Logo

Many of the most successful DJs have branded themselves with great logos that sync with their names. Unless you’re a multi-talented and a graphics guru, you should hire a professional graphics designer. Your logo should inspire trust, admiration and loyalty, and be instantly and uniquely recognizable. Although it might cost a little to hire a professional designer, a logo is an investment that you will be able to use for many years to come; so it’s worth the cost. You’re going to be using it on all your mix-tape covers, stickers, website, flyers, business cards and merchandise. Also, logos make a DJ stand out from the rest on flyers and give you the professional edge that many promoters are looking for.

3) Picture Perfect

You’re always going to need photos to promote yourself as a DJ. This is where having a great creative team really comes in handy. First, you have to decide how you would like to present yourself to the industry, in terms of personal style. You need to carefully consider how you would like to be perceived, and make sure that the images created complement your musical style. It’s helpful to begin to build relationships with designers and stylist at this point in time. Think of ways you can be creative, and help to cross-promote each other on your social media and at shows. Once you’ve gotten your look (brand image), it is advisable you have a photo session with a good photographer who would not produce excessively edited pictures. It is important to invest in photos because if you want the club or event to make you the headliner or supporting act, you will need some photos to go on the flyer.

4) Promo Materials

Now that you have your logo designed, and photos edited, you’re ready to build and create your promotional materials which include mix-tapes and track graphics, PDFs and business cards. Before you have any media designed, consider your target market, (i.e. fans) and think about the visuals that would attract their attention. Consistent promotional materials that use the same color scheme, and branding helps to develop a connection between you and your fan base, and will also make you appear more professional and organized to the industry. Bring your promotional materials out on a consistent basis to the media and watch your rep grow bigger. Get yourself some DJ cards printed and carry them with you all the time. When you meet new contacts, be polite and professional; and give them your business card. In addition, you should consider building an electronic press kit with all of your materials in it!

5) Outfit Swagger

One thing the fans always look out for asides your mixing vibe is your outfit. If you dress poorly for a performance, there is a very high probability that you would lose fans and gigs too. If you’re not so good with picking outfits, you can get a stylist to hook you up with a nice look for the performance. Also, as annoying as it might sound to have an “outfit”, keep in mind that fans need memorable things to grab onto that make an artist memorable. This could be your hair, clothes, accessories, a give-away, a performance routine or anything really that makes you special. The point is to keep it simple and consistent, even after you are bored to tears with the flaming turntable tricks, the audience will still eat it up.

6) Mind Your Media

Social Media is an incredibly important way to promote yourself as a DJ. There are a wide variety of tools that are free and easy to use. At the very least, you should have a Facebook Page, a Twitter, Youtube, Instagram accounts and a blog that you use to regularly communicate with your fans. Aim to use your social media to inspire and engage people. Post up regular news about your new mix-tapes, singles, shows, photos, videos and interesting facts about you that fans may enjoy. There are millions of musicians and DJs today – give people a good reason to love you. One of the main things a club is going to ask is, “how popular is this DJ?” Well, thanks to social media you can actually have an answer backed up with some serious marketing firepower. By building your social media base, a new DJ is also building their most valuable asset: a reliable way to pull in fans. Also leverage on affiliate websites like Soundcloud, Notjustok, 360nobs, Linda Ikeji Blog, Naijaloaded, Nairaland,, TooXclusive etc.


In conclusion, being a DJ is bigger than just mixing songs. You also have to record singles with some popular artistes to leverage on their fan base, shoot videos and do some online promotion to breakthrough. You can also apply for jobs at radio stations and club houses. Then, think of ways you can help to advertise yourself at shows; maybe a simple laptop sticker or wearing a t-shirt and cap with your logo on it, or perhaps you give out merchandise at shows to promote your fan base. The self evaluating question you need to ask is “What makes me different or set me apart from other DJs?.  If you play your cards right and put some thought into your marketing plan, you would not just be turning tables but turn what you love to do into a fulfilling career.

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