Over the last few days, I have received countless phone calls and messages filled with prayers, hope and support for which I am extremely grateful.

It is no secret that politics in Nigeria is unique and indeed very peculiar. It is one thing to define the battle; it is quite another knowing what it takes to win. In a world where ideals, personality, and good intentions are often seen as sufficient for political success, our political antecedents tell us otherwise. Wishful thinking is never, and never will be enough!

Modern Democratic Party (MDP) is committed to building a structure capable of winning elections across all political spheres and levels.

MDP ​is not here just for the taking part. At its core, the p​arty has the desire and unwavering resolution to put the spotlight on the overlooked and downtrodden in our society – a society in critical need of deliverance from the bondage of bad leadership.

For far too long, genuinely progressive and forward-thinkers​ have been silenced. The youth have been told to “wait their turn”. We have been called naive, unprepared, and unschooled in “the game of politics”. Well, Modern Democratic Party does not consider politics a “game”, as these same games have long toyed with the lives of Nigerians and hindered the social and economic potential of this nation.

“WE MUST CORRECT THE PRESENT FOR THE SAKE OF THE FUTURE”. This is our scared duty to our country!In partnership with the brightest minds in Nigeria, MDP is focused on harnessing the mental and physical resources of this unique generation of youth brimming with fresh ideas and innovations which will finally put Nigeria in its rightful place on the world stage. But we need ALL youthful hands on deck!

To quote the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr; “…W​e cannot walk alone. And as we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall always march ahead. We cannot turn back.”I see a #risinggeneration of young Nigerians across the country who passionately believe in the unity, indivisibility, and oneness of Nigeria. We are not tied to the prejudices and biases of our parents when it comes to tribe, religion, creed or gender for we are united in our hunger for success. I challenge us to look beyond our quests for individual/personal success and work together to build an unstoppable force, driven by like-minded people for the success of our country. Complacency and “sitting on the fence” is out of the question. NIGERIA MUST NOT FAIL!

If you have not been moved or inspired enough to get involved since 1999 because you are tired of the same old thing and the same old people, then here is your opportunity. Wake up! The time is now. Get involved by joining us in MDP, get your PVC, and let your voice be heard. #partycp8

The future of this country is in your hands.

God bless Nigeria ????????

P.S: ​Information to​ be a member and volunteer with MDP​ will be communicated shortly.

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